EVO-A330  DTF Printer
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EVO-A330  DTF Printer

-Printing heads: EPSON XP600
-Make it easy for new entrants to start
-6m2/h capacity
-Small footprint

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 Hanrun Paper® EVO-A330  DTF Printer

Hanrun paper EVO-A330 DTF printer is a DTF printer specially developed for printing shops or design workshop with small or medium size. We make it easy for new entrants to start a Heat Transfer business. Small footprint, easy operation, stable printing quality, very suitable for customers who are just starting out. The DTF printing device is the market's most advanced DTF solution. In comparison to other hardware systems, the DTF printer has a lot of advantages compares to other machines (including Toner Transfer, or even high-end DTG). 
Works on both white and dark textiles and works with a variety of fabric styles (cotton, poly, blends, leathers, denim, and more).




  Model DTF EVO-A330 printer (2 heads)
  Printhead EPSON XP600
  Print Resolution/Speed 4pass(360*1080dpi): 6m2/h
6pass(360* 1440dpi): 4m2/h
8pass(360*2160dpi): 3m2/h
  Ink pigment ink (CMYK+W)
  Method of ink supply Continuous supply+ white-ink circulation system
  Print wide 330mm
  Print media DTF film
  Media transfer Automatic receiving and discharging membrane system
  Transfer interface USB 2.0
  Consumption Dual-head XP600 Machine Print 4pass 6m2/ h, one roll film 60 square,a pack of 20kg powder, a set of color ink, can print 4-5 rolls.
  Voltage AC110V/220V (±10%) 50HZ/60HZ
  Working environment Temperature 20-28°C Humidity 40-70%RH
  Power 500W
  Printer size L740mm*W700mm*H460mm
  Printer net weight 45 kg


CE marking and 3 China national intellectual property patents




Make it easy for new entrants to start
Suitable for A3 desktop printing
Small footprint
Print with bright colors
Stable printing performance with high quality




Washing labels for garments

# Fashion clothes(most kinds of garments and no need to distinguish colors)

Personalized customization

# Customzied wood products 



Work Flow






Hanrun Paper DTF Series:


Service included:

- Technical Training and guidance: Installation manual, video

- 6 months warranty (See the full warranty details on our guarantee page and the DTF EVO terms and conditions.)

- Dealer/partner support

- Wearing parts package

- Free consumables sample package



Other materials you may need (need to be purchased separately):

Powder Shaker

Smoke purifier - (to keep the humidity above 40% in the print room) - recommended

DTF Inks (Basic: EVO-ink001, EVO-ink002)

DTF Film (Basic: Evo 75u single-sided matte-glossy film)

DTF Powder (white powder, black powder)

- Windows 7 or higher Computer (PC) with an available USB port

Heat press machine for finishing (curing) the final print

- RIP Software


Contact Us

Global sales e-mail: info@hanrunpaper.com

Global sales WhatsApp: 0086 177 1453 7154

Address: No.10 building, Baijiahui Innovation Community, 699-18 Xuanwu Avenue, Nanjing, China



Global sales e-mail: info@hanrunpaper.com
Global sales WhatsApp: 86 189 3686 5061
Address: No.10 building, Baijiahui Innovation Community, 699-18 Xuanwu Avenue, Nanjing, China

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