40gsm EVO Dye® Sublimation Paper
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40gsm EVO Dye® Sublimation Paper

-Low cost
-Fast printing speed
-Good printing

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Carta Sublimazione Ad Asciugatura Rapida EVO


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Hanrun Paper Industrial Co., Ltd
Manufacturer of inkjet dye Sublimation Paper since 2009. One-Stop supplier for Sublimation Transfer Printing Solution.
We have over 30 coating lines and own base paper factory. 
Professional management system and world leading quality control, leading supplier in China. Now our inkjet dye Sublimation Paper have been widely accepted by customers from over 130 countries around the world.
40Gsm EVO Dye® Sublimation Paper
EVO Dye® Sublimation Paper, means the evolution series of Hanrun Paper. Made special to fit into more time and cost efficiency printing solutions. Faster, Thinner and Better.





Global sales e-mail: info@hanrunpaper.com
Global sales WhatsApp: 86 189 3686 5061
Address: No.10 building, Baijiahui Innovation Community, 699-18 Xuanwu Avenue, Nanjing, China

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